by Hides

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Debut, self-titled 7".
Recorded/mixed/mastered by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden in Spring 2011.


released August 1, 2011


all rights reserved



Conditions Records Austin, Texas

Independent record label producing radical pieces of fine art.
Est. 2011.

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Track Name: Side A
You would not believe
If I told you the things that run through my mind.
Images of you
Cold on the floor that we once shared.
You were there
Once with me and the record did skip.
We never flipped it over
It was our soundtrack.
Our score, our opus
It rang.
From my gut.
Through my lungs
And out my mouth on to you.
The final song is over.
Track Name: RXed Up
It's time
I took a look in the mirror
What I see is clear
Ah it looks like hell.
I'm sick (I'm sick)
I'm not feeling well.
Remedy, remedy, remedy.
I've been yelling too long.
I've been screaming too long
Doctor! You gotta' mellow me out
Calm me down, calm me down, calm me down.
Track Name: Stand Off
It's not me, it's you.
The things you left on the nightstand.
Memories of an embrace that shot and killed.
Nobody moves or the girl gets it.
(Oh God, here comes the sun again)
Has it been all night?
I shouldn't have rested my eyes for a moment.
As she embraces another.
Her code name: Disimpassioned Lover.
You get what you want when you want it.
But I guess if you got it then girl you should flaunt it.
But don't you smile at me.
Track Name: Phase I
So you thought
It wouldn't come to this.
So fucked over, all it was was a kiss.
We could have been love's greatest victory
But life likes to eat and take a shit on me.
Now I'm learning how to love again.
And I'm learning how to call you a friend.
I'm trying to sympathize
How ugly I must seem inside your eyes.
You never gave a piss about me.
Track Name: B&E
Here it comes.
Your worst fears have been realized when
I'm walkin' through that door.
And if you can't see it in my eyes you will find that this won't end well.
And I'll see you in hell.
I'm one of the some that like it hot
and whether or not you like it don't matter tonight.

Is it getting warm in here?
Or is it just me?
Track Name: Stalkerish
Love lied.
It led me to dream of bliss
Upon it's shores
I'm drowned in it.
My lungs
They filled with hope just to burst and give way
I'm a walking ghost.
I will haunt you.
In your dreams I will come.
Down your spine like the tears of youth
Pray I won't come but I always do.
I will stay at your door.
You see I have nowhere else to go.
And you will never push me away.
You must think I'm crazy.
You must think I'm crazy.
You must think I'm crazy.
You must think I'm crazy.
Track Name: 207
We're runnin' out of time.
Stop crying I'm trying to think.
Just do what I say and you will be fine.
You never liked to listen.
Especially not listen to me, but that's not
What this is really about now is it?
No trust.
All lies.
But soon, this will all be over.
So shut
Your eyes
And soon, this will all be over.
I get the phrase about
Doing unto others.
I'm just returning the favors you gave me
I'm just returning the favors you gave.
I get the phrase about
Doing unto others.
I'm just returning the favors you gave me
I'm just returning the favors you gave.
Track Name: Detectives
I'd love to know just what happened here to make such a mess.
So many limbs how will we possibly put this girl back together again.
I suppose the service will be closed casket.
Or a cremation.
Either way keep the press out of this
We got some work to do.
Sick bastard did himself pretty good as well.
I see the art in this.
Look at the symmetry.
Look at the passion involved.
God damn, I don't believe I've ever seen anything
As beautiful in my life.

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